on hiking in the reserves of America

June 16 - 18 from 10:00


Conference Schedule

Day 1 - How to organize a hiking trip

Conference Opening Ceremony

Unsuccessful traveling companion or companion can ruin any hike. Gender and age are less important than psychological compatibility. It is important that with the composition of the group all participants were agreed before the hike.

The goals of a hike can be very diverse, it is important to define and agree with participants the primary and secondary goals that will be performed in the group during the hike. Some value in a campaign athleticism, others go camping “to rest, not to strain,” and others like hiking because of the berries, mushrooms, and fishing.

Depending on the objectives of the hike you need to choose the appropriate route. It is most important that the route you want to pass, was within the power of all participants of the group.

In studying the materials on the completed hikes, you should pay attention to the following points:
– what are the main obstacles encountered along the route;
– on what dates the hike was done;
– what weather prevailed during the trip;
– how the hikers got to the start of the route and how they left;
– the main sights encountered along the route;
– conclusions and recommendations.

Route development includes route choice, options of throw-in and throw-out from the route. Detailed study of the obstacles encountered along the route and the most difficult parts. Their descriptions, landmarks, nature and elements of each particular obstacle, options for passing and bypassing (obnosa).

What maps to take in a campaign.
Topographic signs without which it is impossible to orientate

Camping products. Caloric content of foodstuffs.
Cooking on the campfire
Packing of food for a camping trip

Clothing for the camping trip
Choosing a place for camping
The camping first-aid kit

Day 2 - The impact of hiking on the nature of nature reserves

Global Tourism Trends and Their Impact on Ecotourism in U.S. Protected Areas

Development of ecological tourism in protected areas and natural parks

International issues and intercultural studies, heritage tourism development, responsible tourism, ecological tourism, volunteer tourism, pro-poor tourism, sustainable livelihoods.

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  • Main Stage


Active conservation through tourism operations: protecting or restoring habitats and species

Enjoyable but also effective visitor education to increase appreciation and understanding of wildlife ecology and conservation issues.
Conservation-related research (including community-based research involving operators and/or tourists).

Climate change and wildlife tourism: how we can have a positive impact, either directly or through visitor education.

Summarizing the results of the second day. Plenary discussion.

Day 3 - Problems and prospects of hiking in nature reserves

The excursion and tourism activities of nature reserves are an effective way to educate the public about the environment and help to earn money for nature reserves and other protected areas.

Economic insolvency of excursion and tourism activities in nature reserves
About the large income from tourism in the territories of the nature reserve fund.

Creation of infrastructure to provide visitor services, including by attracting third-party investors, creating a system of material incentives for managers and specialists who work effectively in the field of ecotourism development.

Develop a set of excursion programs for different categories of visitors, ensure the arrangement of ecological trails and routes, develop and implement a system of their certification

Development and implementation, taking into account international experience, of programs and projects aimed at providing visitors with demonstrations of wild animals in natural conditions, including increasing their number to the natural capacity of the lands.

Creation of a reference and information system on natural, historical and cultural attractions, routes and tours, tourism services, as well as a single basic package of relevant information and promotional materials
Promoting partnerships between reserves, national and natural parks and companies and ecotourism and other organizations interested in developing educational tourism.

Closing of the conference




Roland Beasley


Frances Burrow


Shirley Shiver


Dave Carter


Linda Barnes


William Oneal



I'm new to hiking, less than a year ago I started going on group hikes, and learning about the subject. Your conference saw on the Internet and decided to visit to add to my baggage of knowledge. I liked everything, learned a lot of new and interesting!
Lance Floyd
It was a pleasure to attend your conference! You could see that the speakers were professionals in their field, sharing not only theoretical information, but also practice and experience from their own lives. It was very informative!
Adeline Johnson
Thanks to your conference, I made my first trip to the reserve as a group leader. Everyone was happy and grateful. Some tourists were interested in the conference and planned to visit next year.
Eleanor Tan

Additional Information


The conceptual question – to be or not to be eco-tourism in nature reserves – has been debated for many years, with many representatives of the scientific community and the nature reserves themselves insisting that it is unacceptable for nature reserves (they continue to insist).


A special type of tourism is very popular in the United States – recreation in the national parks. Each year they collectively receive about 500 million visitors.


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