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Resupply Points on the JMT

Fortunately you don't have to carry all your food and fuel with you for 220 miles. There are several notable places along the way to replenish your supplies. If you look at our meal plan, you can see the places we have designated to supply.

The first one is at Tuolomne Meadows. We come from the Tioga Pass into Yosemite, so it is an easy thing for us to stop in the large parking lot by the Wilderness Permit Office and put our supplies in a bear locker. We have done this many times, and never have had our food taken by another hiker, though it is possible. I like to think that people don't want to carry any more than they have to, so they leave your stuff alone. On the negative side of this, most of the bear lockers are in the sun, so your candy bars might melt. If you are arriving at Tuolomne on a weekday, you can mail a package to the Tuolomne Meadows Post Office, keeping in mind that they close around 5pm. Here's the info:

Your Name
c/o General Delivery
Tuolomne Meadows Yosemite National Park, CA 95389

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00pm
Sat 9:00-12:00pm
Sun closed

Next stop is Mammoth. From your arrival at Devil's Postpile Campground, you can take a shuttle bus to Mammoth Lakes. In town there are grocery stores, drug stores, sporting goods. You can also mail yourself a package to the Mammoth Lakes Post Office.

If you don't want to get off the trail, you can send yourself a package to Red's Meadow Resort, for a small fee. Red's Meadow also has a general store, a restaurant (we had breakfast there-filled up on eggs, bacon, and pancakes!), and hot showers in the nearby campground.

From Mammoth, the next easy resupply is Vermillion Valley Resort. They cater to Pacific Crest trail and John Muir Trail through-hikers. Leaving the JMT/PCT at Quail Meadows, and continue to the Edison Lake/Mono Creek ferry pick-up point. They have an extensive website which will give you updates on their fees. At Vermillion Valley Resort you will find an amazing array of conveniences, from hot meals to showers and laundry facilities. The food was great!Update! How awesome is this? They are offering a service to bring your resupply to lockers where the ferry was able to pick up in the wet years. It would be a shame to miss out on the great meals, but if you don't want to hike to the resort, you have another option. Check out their website for updates.

About 22 miles down the trail is Muir Trail Ranch. They will hold a package for you for a fee with some very specific instructions for packing and mailing. At the ranch, right by where you pick up your package, there were about fifteen 5 gallon cans, just packed with food that others had left to share. If you weren't picky about what to eat, you could do a free resupply out of those bins! Across the river from the backpacker's area there are hot springs to enjoy, so plan to spend the night. You have to search for one that isn't muddy, but it's there, and it is pleasantly hot. See also the trail log, segment 4, day 15. A new feature that seems like a great idea is Zero Day Resupply, which is especially convenient for people outside the USA to acquire backpacking food, and have it shipped ahead. This is

From here you will have to carry food and fuel for 100 miles, so depending on how fast you are hiking, that could be significant. We like to take our time, and some friends volunteered to meet us at 2 spots along the way. If your friends live far away, that is not likely to happen for you. Here is our description of the trail over Bishop Pass. You could try to hitchhike to Bishop and get resupplied, or you could share the cost of having a packer bring you some stuff. They can carry a significant amount of food, so we shared the cost with the other 4 members of our group when we did a 10 day trip from Bishop Pass to Whitney Portal. The packers met us at Charlotte Lake. They will also pack out your garbage. For information on the various pack stations, just Google "Sierra pack station" and you'll have to sort out which packers service each part of the trail.

Another option for resupply between Muri Trail Randh and Whitney Portal is through the Mt. Williamson Motel. They are offering resupply both at Charlotte Lake and Kearsarge Pass. They also offer a shuttle service to hotel guests, which is very handy at either Onion Valley or Whitney Portal.


updated September 14, 2015