Granola and Apples
2 servings

You may substitute any dried fruit for the apples. I use dried cherries
and dried peaches.

In a 1 liter pot, put apples and about 1/2 cup filtered water.
Steam until they are softened. Add the clarified butter,
brown sugar, cinnamon an bisquik. Stir until you have a
thick caramel-like sauce. Add water if necessary to keep it
from burning. When the sauce is cooked, remove from heat
and stir in granola.

Tastes like apple crisp. Very hearty, loaded with carbs and
fiber. This one will make you the envy of your camping companions.
I dislike cooked cereal, so you will notice it doesn'tappear in my menu.
My breakfasts would undoubtedly be easier if I liked oatmeal.

*You can find instructions for making clarified butter online.
I use it because it keeps without refrigeration for a month.If you
are goiing out for a weekend, you can take regular butter without
worry of it going rancid.

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