Beef Pebronata
makes 8 servings

Now you are really going to think I have flipped. This is
gourmet food at home, but it really dries out nicely and the
flavor is awesome. Again, this is one that looks horrible in its
dessicated state, but rehydrates wonderfully. If you make this
for a home meal, you shouldn't dice everything. Leave the meat
in bite-size chunks, and the pepper and onions in strips. It is extravagant
to me to use 3 different wines, but it sure tastes good.

Brown the meat on all sides, cook onion in oil until soft. Add remaining ingredients
cover and cook on low heat until beef is tender, about 30 min.

Meanwhile:Saute the following ingredients in a large skillet:

Set aside. Then in one more pan(I told you this was off the deep end):
Saute in olive oil:


Cook until most of the liquid has soaked into the peppers and onion.

Add the three groups together. I store this in the refrigerator overnight to let the flavors
really saturate, then heat it up, put on parchment paper covered racks, and dehydrate at
145 degrees until very dry. Be sure to scrape all the flakes of sauce, as this holds a lot of the

Serve with couscous or rice so you can soak up all the sauce.

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